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Thousands of users were emailed last month from the LightCMS team with a huge announcement: LightCMS is ending. If you’re anything like us, this came as a bit of surprise (although we have to admit, not a huge shock). But like any good website designers, we are well equipped to handle this type of blindside and immediately jumped into preparation mode.

Why is LightCMS Ending?

This platform has recently been acquired by a new owner that no longer has an interest in maintaining its functionality. While they didn’t give specific reasons in their announcement letter, we can assume the platform wasn’t profitable enough to continue supporting.

How long until your LightCMS site crashes?

May 31, 2010

Technically, your site won’t crash. But the LightCMS end-of-life means that your content will be entirely gone. You need to move to a new platform before then.

There was a time when LightCMS was one of our favorite builders. It offered front-end updates for our clients, fabulous support, and easy-to-use features that were perfect for many small businesses. But LightCMS has continued to suffer over the years after exchanging hands a few times, ultimately losing many of the features we once loved. This End of Life announcement is inconvenient, but necessary.

Over the past few years, as our business has grow, so have our preferences for website builders. We now develop exclusively on WordPress, hosting our own sites and use a cutting-edge editor and theme called Divi by ElegantThemes. With the use of this editor and the best plugins available, we have created a wonderful environment that mimics the features we once found convenient with LightCMS, while offering a wide variety of new and improved options.

Any clients we have since moved from LightCMS over to our new WordPress system have been ecstatic with the results. They received a fully secure, responsive, and easy-to-update website that has all the features they are used to with the functionality of the best platform on the market. We want to be honest with you – this is a LightCMS Upgrade. With this change, you’ll have drag and drop edits, full updates, increased security and control, as well as thousands of plugins to choose from in order to fully customize your new website.

Is your website currently on LightCMS?

We have developed packages to help you move forward with a full site migration. After the May 31, 2020 date, your site WILL BE GONE.

 We want you to feel in control during this time. There are easy options for you to keep the look and feel of your site, or you can use this opportunity for a full upgrade to something fresh and new. Check out what we have to offer on our website WeTransferWebsites.com. We have already moved dozens of sites in the exact same way and know the ins and outs of the entire process. You can also find a full FAQ page about the process, as well as our base pricing breakdown for our packages.

Your website will be transferred before the May 31, 2020 deadline if you order a transfer before March 1, 2020

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