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Here EZY Marketing we often get questions about image file formats as soon as we create printed material for our clients. As long as we’re using an image solely on a screen, things are often easy. We don’t need to worry too much about the file size of your images. But as soon as we are going to print – we need high resolution images and photos. Really this comes down to a discussion of vector vs raster images.

When it comes to logos and other graphics (not photos – you can’t have a vector photo), a VECTOR image is always the best. With a vector image, we can make it as small as a few millimeters or as large as 100 feet wide – the file will always render perfectly sharp. This is because the image is made up of mathematical calculations – the lines and curves can be adjusted to any size you desire based on its data. Alternatively, raster images are made of pixels which means the size you give us will be the largest it can ever become.

When we create logos for our clients, we always give them both vector and raster files of the finalized design. A vector file can come in different formats (.eps or sometimes .ai). Most people don’t have the software to open vector files – but make sure you always include your logo.eps file when you order new business cards, banners etc – even if you can’t open the file. The printer will be able to get the most clear and crisp version of your logo this way.

I found this great video from Techquickie on YouTube that explains about Vector files.

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