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Black Friday is one of the highest grossing days for shopping on commercial items in the United States, followed closely behind by the quickly growing Cyber Monday. Nearly everyone knows that they’ll get the best deals on these days, and so they draw crowds eager to secure the best discounts of the season. But how to businesses bring customers to their particular deals in their particular stores?

Despite the legions of articles and reports spouting the necessity of social media today for businesses, the numbers from this year’s reports will probably surprise you. According to this study by brightwave.com, Social Media accounted for less than 1% of actual sale traffic! It ranked absolutely last in promotional avenues among the main categories in the industry. In contrast, Email accounted for an impressive 20%, just behind the standards of Search (36%) and Direct (24%).

So what do these numbers mean? Email is markedly better than social media at driving concrete sales for businesses. If your emails are well crafted and you are using the best recommended practices for email marketing, there is no reason that your campaigns won’t achieve lasting success.

Need help making your emails go further? Maybe you just want a quick consultation about how your own methods are working? We can help! Just reach out to us via email, phone, or social media and we’ll get you looking professional and seeing results in no time at all.

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