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The following is part of our Client Spotlight series – a peek behind the curtain at some of our remarkable clients and the story of their business.

Donna and Charlotte came to us last year for help marketing their debut book Just Outside Your Window: Finding Insights, Hope and Joy. These longtime friends had realized their dream of publishing a book together featuring Donna’s inspirational essays and poems and Charlotte’s stunning photography. What they didn’t envision was how to market it. They needed help not only in developing a marketing strategy but in turning a product into a business.

Our initial work focused on branding, and the ‘Book Sisters’ were born. Together we designed a logo and created a branding board to inform and unify the brand’s color palette, fonts, goals, messaging, and hashtags. Next came an accessible and mobile-responsive website with an online store. We established a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram and launched a YouTube channel to help grow and connect their followers. We also designed collateral materials, including business cards and bookmarks, to support book signings and events.

Today we continue to create content for their social platforms, as well as a blog featuring articles and photographs curated from and inspired by the book. Together we produce a monthly eMagazine and communicate with subscribers directly through email marketing.

Most importantly, we helped create an online community of ‘book sisters’ who are not only customers but loyal followers, contributors and friends.

To learn more about The Book Sisters and their debut work Just Outside Your Window,
visit TheBookSisters.com.

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