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If you have any concept of how Facebook news feed algorithms work, you’ll know they are complicated and nobody really knows their exact formula (except maybe Mark Zuckerberg). But one thing we do know is that Facebook released an announcement that they are updating their news feed formula. Yes. Again.

So what do you need to know now?

Essentially, this is a shift that will focus the content users see more centrally on friends and family. We know, this isn’t great news for business pages. It will probably translate into your information getting pushed farther away from your followers as Facebook aims to push more relevant content to each of their users.

So how can you deal with the changes that your followers are bound to see?

That’s a more difficult question to answer, but you can do some things to make sure your efforts on social media aren’t wasted! First and foremost, Facebook wants to deliver authentic content to their users that they actually want to see. Your goal is, and should always be, to not only get the posts you send out seen, but to get as much interaction as possible on those. The more people like, comment, and share, the better!

Easier said than done, however. Make sure that you post interesting content. Some of the best performing content for our clients is the kind that is truly authentic – pictures of happy employees, smiling customers, or backstories that are relateable. Yes, people want to see deals and information about your business, but this is social media. Make sure what you’re sharing is SOCIAL.

When in doubt, feel free to give us a call here at the office. We can talk you through the best way to get the most interaction with your customers and how to deal with changes like the one Facebook is currently rolling out – that’s what we’re here for (our office line is 904-269-8630)!

Also, we invite you to like our page on Facebook and message us there – we’d love to see you around the social media circuit! We curate and share the best content for local businesses, so you can truly stay on top of things if you check out our feed.

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