Website Upkeep & Refresh Package


Need your website updated, but don’t have constant updates? Is your Google listing up to date and easy to find?
Want the benefits of updates, but not the cost of extensive hourly updates?
This is the package for you!

**Minimum 3 months required.




• You had a website redesign 1+ yrs ago
• Your business keeps you too busy to worry about your site and/or listings
• You have trouble remembering to update your site
• You don’t have frequent changes on your website and/or listings

Updating your website isn’t always easy, so we want to give you an affordable option that will meet your needs throughout the year. In this month-to-month yearly contracted package, we provide you with ease-of-mind as we will always be available for small updates that will push your business to the top. You’ll never need to worry about pesky updates again!

Updated content on your website is the number one thing search engines looks for when ranking your website – you can’t afford to be out of date!

Through monthly checkins, we will find out if you have any necessary changes to your business that need to be reflected in your online presence. Quarterly, we’ll provide you with analytics that offer a snapshot of how your business is performing online and go over best steps for you to climb to the top of search results.


Website Updates:
We will take care of updating things like staff changes, policy updates, new photos, link updates etc. so that you never have to worry about minor updates.
Monthly Reminders
We will prompt you for new content or changes via phone to make sure your online presence stays up-to-date with what’s going in your business.
Quarterly Reporting:
We will provide you with analytics on your website viewers and your business listings each quarter and discuss where to go based on those results.
Listing Maintenance:
We will monitor your major listings (Google, Bing, etc.) and provide updates so that potential clients will never question your validity online.

(Package does not include website redesign or extensive changes.)

**Minimum 3 months required.