Scam Watch

We've been seeing an increasing number of scam emails coming in to several of our clients' inboxes, which has put us on alert recently. In general, these emails have come in the form of fake bills which have confused a lot of people! In an effort to help you navigate the waters of these types of scams, we wanted to put together some tips for how to put yourself on "Scam Watch".

False billing scams request that you (or your business) pay fake invoices for domain name renewals. The catch is that these are domain names you already paid for with your actual accredited domain name registrar.

These scam emails can arrive as emails, a letter in an envelope, or even sometimes as a phone call. Here at EZY Marketing, we receive 100’s of them each year!

It’s important that you at all times know:

  • where your domain name is registered - e.g. GoDaddy, Network Solutions etc.
  • when it’s up for renewal (if you don’t keep it updated, you will lose it!)
  • that you have renewal set to "automatic"
  • that you have an updated credit card on file
  • that YOU are listed as the owner of the domain – and not the webmaster that "once upon the time created your first website"
  • that your current email address and contact information is listed with your domain
  • make sure your domain registration is locked

Taking these steps can help prevent you falling into that domain name scammer trap! You'll know your information front to back and be less likely to be duped.

Let us be clear; losing your domain name because of unpaid bills, or by transferring ownership to a scammer, can be CATASTROPHIC! Your email will stop working, your website will down... you will call your "IT guy" in a panic and there will be little they can do to get you back up and running quickly.

But there is some good news. If you are a client of EZY Marketing, and we created and are hosting your website, we have you covered! You own your domain name, but we are listed as the technical/admin contact for the account. In order to take care of our clients, we make sure domain names under our care are paid and up to date. So remember that if you get a scam invoice in the mail – give us a call for your peace of mind – but don’t pay!

Here are a some examples of scam invoices:

Pretty convincing, right? They do a pretty good job of trying to fool domain name owners - but you can be smarter than that.

Have more questions? Maybe you've received a similar email or letter recently. Send them our way and we'll make sure your domain name is safe and secure.