Getting Started editing your Website

Please view the Introductions videos below before you read on.

  • There are a few ways to sign-in to your website. The first is to simply hit your Escape button on your keyboard. The other way is to add    /login   to the end of your website address.
  • If you have full editing access to your site- and you can actually do more than the Webmaster wants you to do. Please don't "poke around" too much or you could compromise the integrity of your website design - give us a call at 904-269-8630 and we will help you!
  • If you make edits or changed to a text block, you can always go back to an earlier saved version. But if you delete a block, it's gone.

You have free phone support from EZY Marketing where we will answer questions and come with recommendations for editing of the website.
Call us at 904-269-8630 (or send us and email at


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What you need to know about IMAGES


  • Images that are embedded in a text box have to first be imported to the image directory.
  • If you plan to add many photos on the website (more than 50, make sure to resize the image before you place it in your image sub-directory. Images should never, ever be larger than ~600kb. If you don't know how to resize an image, please don't use it.
  • Images in an image block can be dragged-and-dropped. They don't need to be imported to a sub-directory, but we highly recommenced you resize them first.

Images in an Image Box

  • It's highly recommended that if you are using the slide show setting, that all images has the same dimensions (e.g 900x500px) or the content on the page will be jumping below the slideshow. It is best to use the gallery setting.
  • IMPORTANT: You MUST resize your images before you drop them into the Image Box. Images should never, ever be larger than ~600kb. If you don't know how to resize an image, please don't use it.
  • Images that are in an Image Box are NOT first imported to the image directory, but saved within the Image Box.

How to resize an image

  • There is a built in function to resize images if you are using them in a text box - see video on this page.
  • OR: do a web search for help "How to Resize an Image" - you need some kind of software to do this, such as Photoshop, MS Paint, Picasa etc.

Introduction - Watch This Video First

Basic Editing

More on Text and Image Editing

Image Editor

The Image Element

How to Build Forms

Instructional videos by EZY Marketing

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